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We Love Teaming Up With Land Owners

Play video below to learn why we love to team up with land owners and how we help them sell their land faster and often for more money.

If you have land that you would like to sell we may want to team up with you…

Statistically, selling raw land is much more difficult than selling an existing or new home. We’ve teamed up with many landowners to help them sell their land more quicker. Instead of you just selling raw land, we are happy to take the time and put together a home package with 3D renderings, floor plans, and even virtual tours, as you can see on this page for example.

By teaming up with us, not only can you sell your land faster, but usually, we will help you get more money for your land.

After our initial conversation with you and market research, we will determine what makes the most sense for your particular building lot. Keep in mind we can have multiple home design options.

We are constantly working with new custom home buyers out there looking for land, so sometimes, we may have the buyer of your land right in our database. We will also text and email blast out your land opportunity as a complete home package to realtors.

Sometimes we even will bring a realtor in if listing the home package or home packages on the MLS makes sense.

Ultimately, we all know people buy land to build a home, and often they get stuck or confused and end up walking away, especially when they are just looking at the raw land. Now you’ll have us as a building development company to help take care of the questions such as designing and pricing out the home, how best to position the house on the lot, scheduling, the permit process, and so much more.

Now, we are happy to talk with clients on your behalf to help them customize their home to what they want and also so we can accurately price out their custom home, which will be constructed, of course, on your land. As you know, most of the market doesn’t buy land just to buy the land; they want to put a custom home on that land.

As a design-build company, we can be the missing piece in selling your land.

In terms of the financing of the construction project, if it’s not a cash buyer, we have relationships with local and national banks and mortgage companies that have great construction loan programs so that you, as the land owner, get paid off, for the land at the initial closing and we as the builder, we’ll get paid for construction as we build the home.

We would love the opportunity to talk more with you about marketing your land in a unique way that will help you sell your land faster as the custom home buyer who again is the purchaser of your land is excited to be able to see their dream put together with our 3D renderings and customized floor plans that we’ll promote.

And perhaps we will just buy your land outright, depending on your situation and what you are looking for. Again though, we typically help you get more money for your land when we team up with you by putting together a home package.

So if you have land you would like to sell, fill out the form below or call us, and we will follow up with you on the next steps.

We look forward to learning more about you and seeing how we can help.


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