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About Custom Homemakers

A lot of people feel like building their new custom home or renovating their existing home is not possible. At Custom Homemakers, we understand that nearly every family can afford their dream home.


Really what you are investing in is bringing your family and friends together to create priceless memories that will last a lifetime.

Life is too short to live in an environment you are not thrilled with. Save time, avoid frustration, and save a substantial amount of money when you entrust Custom Homemakers to build your new custom home or renovate your existing home.

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Our expert, friendly and flexible team is here to guide you every step of the way.  We strive to make the building or remodeling process as stress-free as possible.  From brilliant designers to land surveyors to structural engineers to adept architects to our distinguished craftsmen, our team will help you build or remodel efficiently and cost-effectively. You will save time, avoid frustration and save a substantial amount of money when you entrust Custom Homemakers to build your new custom home or renovate your existing home. Our team is eager to intently listen to your ideas and help bring your desires to fruition.

We look forward to learning more about what you want in your dream home during your complimentary, no-obligation consultation.

We don’t just care about homes.
We care about you.

About Noor Durrani

About Noor Durrani

At Custom Homemakers, we are passionate about custom home building and remodeling, turning your dreams into stunning realities. Led by the visionary CEO, Durrani, our team is driven to create partnerships with local businesses and communities, fostering growth and generating abundant job and business opportunities. We are here to make your dream home a breathtaking reality, enabling you to forge unforgettable memories with your cherished friends, loving family, and beloved ones.


Durrani, with his charismatic persona, serves as an inspiring figure, motivating and encouraging youth to dream big and embrace a positive outlook on life. With over 30 years of experience in various management and leadership positions, particularly in administration, logistics, and government relations across government, nonprofit, and private sectors, having traversed the globe and the United States, his journey has been one of constant growth and transformation, Durrani has acquired an invaluable wealth of knowledge and touched countless lives. 


Beyond his remarkable professional achievements, Durrani embodies the spirit of giving back to the community through core volunteerism and aiding the less fortunate. As the founder of Global Community Ambassadors (GCA), a non-profit organization, he is committed to initiatives that focus on education and socio-economic empowerment. Durrani's dedication to making a positive impact extends far beyond the walls of Custom Homemakers.


When it comes to custom home building and remodeling, Durrani relishes the opportunity to work closely with clients, guiding them towards innovative ways to save significant costs while maintaining exceptional quality. With his expertise as a custom home builder, he caters to diverse clientele, crafting unique homes that reflect their distinct personalities and aspirations. Durrani's unwavering passion inspires clients to infuse their custom homes with their own individual flair.


But Durrani is not all about business. He is a devoted family man, a loving father, and a dedicated husband with an impressive achievement of being a fifth-degree black belt in martial arts and defensive arts, accompanied by a delightful sense of humor. He takes great pride in slashing prices to maximize savings for his clients, keeping them informed and empowered throughout the decision-making process, and ensuring that the custom home building and remodeling journey is enjoyable and stress-free. For Durrani, it's not just about constructing houses; it's about building homes that resonate with the essence of each client.


At Custom Homemakers, our entire team, under Durrani's guidance, is eagerly looking forward to understanding your unique goals and desires. We treat your dream home as if it were our own, dedicating ourselves to every detail and aspect of the custom home building and remodeling process. Let us embark on this transformative journey together, where your dreams will find a home and come to life in ways you never thought possible.


Welcome to Custom Homemakers, where craftsmanship meets compassion, and dreams are nurtured and transformed into extraordinary homes!

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Our Core Values

Our Core Values

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