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Are you buying an existing home that you want remodeled? Or perhaps you love your existing home and its location but desire a bit of updating to make it truly yours. Are you looking for a bigger kitchen?  Bigger closets? An improved master suite?

Whatever the specific circumstances of your existing home, Custom Homemakers can make the updates that will turn your existing home into your dream home.



Remodeling is the process of changing the appearance, structure, or function of an existing home. A remodel works to improve upon or transform the current design and layout of a room or rooms. Some examples of a remodel would be to restructure walls to create an open floor plan, add a walk-in closet or a bathroom, change the kitchen layout, change the flooring, or relocate a staircase.  We can also help change the home's footprint with a bump out or larger addition.

The Custom Homemakers team enlists a comprehensive group of designers, contractors, craftsmen, and professionals to assist you from concept to completion, listening intently to your ideas, wants, and needs to ensure that your remodeled home exceeds your expectations.  We provide renderings of both the interior and exterior portions of your remodel.

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We’re right there with you through all the milestones: determining your needs and formulating an appropriate design plan to accommodate them, deciding on a timeline and a budget, and deciding on interior finish choices that make your remodel unique and personalized to you.


We believe that remodeling or renovating your dream home means that YOU should play a part in the planning process. We listen to you and strive to incorporate your creative ideas into the design process. From the appearance of your home’s exterior to the layout of your master bathroom to upgrading and establishing your ideal environment, you are the one who has the final say in everything.

Want a backyard pool? OK! Do you want a home theater? We can do that!  Would you love a more open floor plan? 


Whatever is important to you is important to us. And when your aesthetic vision combines with our extensive experience, the result is a genuinely unique remodeled home that matches your lifestyle, wishes, and needs.

In short, the Custom Homemakers team will build your custom home as if it were our own. And you will get exactly what you want—no request is too big or too unique; we can handle it all—without you needing to worry or fuss at all.

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