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Why Us?

We know you have many choices when it comes to building your custom home or remodeling your existing home. Custom Homemakers specializes in creating a supportive and enjoyable experience. To preserve your excitement and protect your investment throughout the process, we guide you through each milestone. Our goal is to exceed your expectations.

When you embark on your home building or remodeling journey, you want straightforward advice, enthusiastic support, and timely action. To ensure this, you must choose the right contractor that you can trust. You must find a building company that is dedicated to a collaborative partnership and who will help you adhere to your budget and schedule.

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Custom Homemakers provides all this while ensuring your plans and design elements fulfill your lifestyle needs and your most important desires. For an enjoyable building or remodeling experience, we want to:

  • Provide design-build expertise to help you achieve the home you desire as affordably as possible

  • Guide you in working with local banks or other financing options 

  • Work with your local town to help get your project approved

  • Leverage technology to communicate with you faster and easier

  • Maximize your land value potential in both new home construction or remodeling

  • Give you confidence by knowing what to expect as your general contractor by providing clear, concise construction contracts and documents

  • Meet your every need and desire for creating a unique home by guiding you with extensive product knowledge and options

  • Keep you relaxed and organized when you have a change order request with proper documentation and accounting detail

  • Work efficiently, including working on the weekends, to help your custom home or renovation project be completed as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality

  • Help you avoid common pitfalls throughout the building or remodeling process

  • Give you peace of mind by providing superior craftsmanship that is backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee

At Custom Homemakers, we’ll build your new home or renovate your existing home like it’s our own.



Multiple successful new custom homes and renovations

Each client saves over 25%, on average with Custom Homemakers

Management and team members bring over 15 years of experience

How We Can Help You

A lot of people feel like building a new custom home is not possible. At Custom Homemakers, we understand that with the right guidance, you can build a custom home. Really what you are investing in is bringing your family and friends into your dream home to create timeless memories that will last a lifetime.

Happy Client Stories

We Love To Exceed Our Clients’ Expectations!

"Custom Homemakers has been our go-to choice for multiple home renovations throughout the years. Whether it's assisting us with design, permits, or any step of the remodeling journey, Noor and his team have consistently provided invaluable guidance. We can't imagine working with any other contractor, as Custom Homemakers has exceeded our expectations every time."

Claudia and Smith
Multiple Home Renovations

"I am absolutely thrilled with the recent construction of our home built by Custom Homemakers. From the initial design phase to the final touches, their commitment to excellence and attention to detail were exceptional. Their professionalism, expertise, and communication made the entire process stress-free. The result is a home that exceeds my expectations and perfectly reflects my style. I highly recommend Custom Homemakers to anyone seeking a trustworthy and reliable custom home builder."

Custom Home Built

"We have nothing but praise for Noor and his team at Custom Homemakers! He and his team have a can-do attitude who are determined to get the job done and keep us in the loop at every step. Plus Noor is very accommodating and was willing to work with the extra materials from our previous projects to help cut down costs."

Ben & Ava
Fence and Patio Rebuild

I still can't believe it. One day I'm sitting in Noor's office discussing the details of my first home and about 4 months later we are moving in." 

Custom Home Built

We Would Love For You To Be Our Next Client Success Story.

4 Simple Steps to Your Dream Home!

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